History was made on the 12th of August 2019 when the first its kind, a holiday lesson targeted towards students of public schools held in Akamkpa town of Akamkpa Local Government area of Cross-river state.

Evidence, facts and figures has it that Akamkpa community of Cross-river state is relatively known to be lackadaisical and pay no relevance towards quality education, as shown by the attitudes of both students and guardians of children of this community. As such, must effort put in place to change this decadence as proved abortive and also stood as a block to many other ideas that might have worked.

A corp member serving in this same local government, named Oladimeji Tolulope Ruth with the state code number CR/19B/0062 decided to take her turn in the tilling of this ground that has proved rather unyielding.
Setting out optimistic, but not unaware about the challenges that this herculean task might pose, she set out anyway. Calling on her fellow corp members and hoping to get enough youth energy in the area of academic personnel, planning and operation strategists, it was almost the opposite, if not for a few that agreed to stay with her on the course.

With a team of five, earnest preparations started rolling out towards the outreach which was going to be one of the many outreaches that she had in mind. The start off date was slated for the 12th of August and other issues like venue, academic resources were being taken care of. Of all this, the major issue that posed a threat to all the plans put in place was on how to reach the children, since most schools had gone on break at the period the idea was birthed and preaching a holiday coaching sermon in that area was almost a no-no. But like was mentioned, the team lead is very optimistic in nature and believes that any idea at all is worth trying. Even when some of the team members had to be away, she saw to it that plans moved as it should.

When the slated date came, all eyes were glued to the sky in expectation of what would happen to this idea that many considered impossible and rather “premature”.

With 9 students in attendance on the first day at exactly 10.30am at Government Secondary School Akamkpa, popularly called GOSSA, the idea started breathing. The next day, the sun again smiled on this dream and the population of the students increased to 13 students of both primary , junior and senior secondary class all from different schools within the community. And at the end of the first week, the academy had in attendance a total of 20 students, how premature to have survived!

Fast forward to later results, the students who benefitted from the first week of the lesson and saw the exceptionality of the scheme, pulled along their friends to the tutorial the following week and at the end of the second week, the academy had multiplied to a total of 44 students and it is still surviving till date. iSmartTv was thrilled at what we saw during our visit during one of our sessions.

“Gradually, educational decadence is being corrected in Akamkpa community. We know that it is a long-term project if it will succeed and we are ready to go long term!” was the words of the team lead when we visited.


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