[iSmart Article] THE ILLS OF WEED AND DOOM OF WEEDAHOLICS By Munir Ishaq (Morality)

I was seated at the far end of the restaurant ready to take my leave, when I noticed this guy standing in front of the table, an empty large unoccupied table at the other far end, he was speaking and at the same time laughing with his gaze fixed on the table, I shifted my chair a little so I can see clearly if there really was any person by the table with whom he may be communicating and there really was no one there, it was only when I took a closer look at him it dawned on me that the guy has migrated to another level, highness at its peak, 360 degree Celsius, I later learnt from the waitress that he is a confirmed weed addict and certified ibô smoker.

After saluting the Weedlord, I started wondering, for how long would our youths continue to revel and romance with this substance, the situation is so alarming that one among the presidential candidates for the 2019 elections is even campaigning around promising to legalize weed if elected, he claims that the rampant demand and supply of this substance in Nigeria is capable of “boosting the economy.” Can you imagine!! If pikin say hin sabi die, him papa no suppose tellam say him sabi bury.

Most times the cause of this menace is not unconnected to addiction, the victims are so much addicted to it that they feel they cannot survive a day or week without “kushing.” Sometimes it may be out of depression, search for relief or overcoming an intended desire, like reading all night or achieving super strength, some people tend to fall victims and become notorious addicts of a particular harmful substance, ranging from smoking shisha, ibô, marijuana, cannabis and other alcoholic substances.

The most annoying part is the humongous amount of money they expunge in getting these substances in gratifying their desires. Even Adolf Hitler, the most evil person in the history of the world (according to some historians) in his youth would smoke 25-40 cigarettes a day, however he eventually quit and called the habit a “waste of money” and even went ahead to encourage his close associates to quit by offering a gold watch to anyone able to break the habit. Talk more of the attendant consequences caused by the constant consumption of these things, few weeks back we heard the report of the drunkard father who strangled his two kids and then sat down relaxing on a plastic chair.

The truth is that no matter how one sees it, it is a lose lose situation, for not only does it cause a person his senses, it also affects the health, and then it costs him his pocket and dignity, making him doomed in body and soul. Las las the guy at the restaurant was later taken home amidst his mumblings, what even pained me most was my switched off phone, I would have surely done the needful!!

Munir Ishaq (Morality) writes from faculty of law, Bayero University Kano. He can be reached via +2348147841027 or Sanizakir0@gmail.com

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