So Sad: Some Unknown Guys Invade BUK Female Hostel Stab Girl On The Neck

Its was really sad as the news get to us early this morning that some unknown guys invade one of Bayero University Kano female hostel known as Hasiya around 3am early this morning


It was reported that 2 girls which their names are yet to be known were on their way back to the hostel from the hostel common room which they went to read. Luckenly for the 1st lady enter the room and the 2nd girl saw some guys which was not suppose to be as per its a female hostel no male is allowed to be inside


Immediately those guys notice the girl saw them they go close to her and stab her on the neck the girl scream and shout so loud such that every other ladies in the hostel was awake immediately they went to inform the security men at the female hostel but for God so good the lady is still alive


The victim girl is said to be in the school clinic as at now and currently recieveing treatment.


The incident leads to protest early this morning which all the female in new campus of Bayero university Kano match to VC house to ley their complain and the VC assure them everything will be take care of and nothing of such will ever happen again.


As the eyes witness of the event reported this morning.


watch the video from the protest ground below

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